DELE Preparation Course and SIELE Examination Centre

A comprehensive course that will help you fulfil the objectives of the Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma.  The DELE is an official diploma which recognises a person’s knowledge and command of the Spanish language.

This programme is designed for students who want to pass the SIELE exam (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española or International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language). This certificate is promoted by world-renown universities and institutions.

General information

  • Number of lessons per week: 1 to 5
  • Starting days: to be determined.
  • Class duration: 50 minutes
  • Levels: all levels from A1 to C2
  • Maximum 10 student per class.
  • Mornings or afternoons


Melina Vicén Martín

I studied History of Art but life led me to teach Spanish while living in Italy and I discovered my great passion and vocation, teaching ELE. That is why I trained as a teacher through a master's degree at the University of Alcalá de Henares. During these years I have continued my training by taking different courses from the Instituto Cervantes (preparation for the DELE among others). I have worked in Italy, France and Spain for different institutions (academies, schools, universities, centres accredited by the IC) and with students of different nationalities and ages.

Esperanza Candela Sempere

I have a degree in Hispanic Philology and Textual Interpretation from the RESAD. I combine my teaching work with my artistic side. I have taught several subjects: Language, Literature, Theatre and Spanish for foreigners. I specialised as a Spanish teacher in an intensive course at Cálamo&Crag and started my career in England. For some years now, I have been giving classes for companies and academies in Madrid to students of different ages and nationalities. I continue to train myself by attending seminars and courses on ELE.

Main Office

Located in the heart of Madrid, at Calle José Abascal 32 in Madrid in a protected building within Chamberí, which is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid, very close to Avenida de the Castellana or the famous Ponzano street.

Student Aid

To request student aid from Instituto Educativo Español, send your portfolio and CV to the teaching and student orientation team

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Programme description

DELE Exam Preparation 

DELE Preparation 5 Lessons + 1 follow-up tutorial (included in the pack for free).

DELE Preparation 10 Lessons + 2 follow-up tutorials (included in the pack for free).

DELE Preparation 20 Lessons + 4 follow-up tutorials (included in the pack for free).

A very complete course that will allow you to successfully face the official DELE exams that accredit the level of knowledge of the Spanish language

The DELE Spanish diplomas are official degrees accrediting the degree of competence and command of the Spanish language, which are awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training of Spain.

There are 6 different levels of Spanish exam included in each diploma, with different calls throughout the year. Each diploma grants the level of language skills (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

DELE diplomas are internationally recognized, and enjoy great prestige, not only among public and private educational institutions and authorities but also in the business world and among chambers of commerce. They are an official guarantee in the evaluation and certification of language proficiency in Spanish. In our school we help you prepare, so that your level of Spanish is officially recognized and that you can obtain the best results on the exam.

SIELE Examination Centre

Held at Instituto Educativo Español’s Madrid headquarters, this exam certifies the level attained in Spanish Language skills through four tests: Reading comprehension, Listening comprehension, Written expression and interaction, and Oral expression and interaction; the exam also takes as a reference the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

SIELE is the International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language. This service certifies an individual’s command of the Spanish language using electronic tools oriented to students and professionals across five continents. This exam is conducted by the Instituto Cervantes and its centres that have been officially certified for this purpose. The Instituto Educativo Español is an officially recognised SIELE exam centre.

Instituto Educativo Español will help you pass your DELE or SIELE exams.


When I got to know its facilities, location and price offer I did not hesitate, now that I have been for several months i can say I love the atmosphere of the school. The teaching model is super fun and very rigorous. I am sure that I will reach my goals of speaking Spanish and starting university in a few months…

Competitive prices for DELE and SIELE preparation courses

Duration1 week2 weeks4 weeks8 weeks
DELE Preparation Course - 5 Lessons59 € 109 € 199 € 359 €
DELE Preparation Course - 10 Lessons115 €219 €419 €799 €
DELE Preparation Course - 20 Lessons225 €419 €820 €1639 €
SIELE Preparation Course - 10 Lessons119 €249 €449 €819 €

Discover Madrid

The Spanish Educational Institute-IEE is located in the city of Madrid, right in the most central part, 100 meters from the Castellana area and located in one of the most famous streets Jose Abascal and all the cultural, artistic and commercial landscape that defines the capital of Spain, as an example of modernity and avant-garde, and which today stands in one of the most important cities in Europe.
The Centro district is the heart of Madrid and the most traditional part of the city. This area concentrates most of the cultural and leisure activities of the capital, and consequently constitutes a unique place from which the
Spanish Educational Institute develops its training activity.


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