Academic information and registration

Our academic counsellors will provide you with support and accompany you throughout the information gathering process, helping you with the paperwork and resolving any issues that arise.

The trip to Spain, the visa, the accommodation options, the place reservation, the course registration, the level test, etc. These are vital issues that the Spanish Educational Institute, through our counselors, knows how to do and is part of our reason for being.

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Our objectives and duties

  • We are your point of contact for any paperwork you require at Instituto Educativo Español.
  • We will give you information on the Services we provide, Student grants and aid, options available from any official organisations and various institutions.
  • We guarantee full involvement and commitment to our students throughout the registration process and their life as a student at Instituto Educativo Español and beyond.
  • We provide support and counselling in non-academic aspects related to the student’s life in Madrid such as legal matters, etc.

Student life at Instituto Educativo Español

We offer a support and orientation service to all students who, from the beginning, have an interest in learning Spanish at our institute.

The student begins his relationship with us from the moment he awaits the first information until the moment he receives his diploma and the end of the academic period.

All information on rules, academic procedures, course content and others are available to the student at the school itself or at


In addition to our basic services, Instituto Educativo Español will help students to obtain all the documents or services they need, including, but not limited to, the following:

Student Visa / Residence Permit

Handling and arranging entry into Spain, for international students or students from other non-European countries.

* We cannot guarantee that all students will be granted a visa; the scope of Instituto Educativo Español assistance in this regard may vary according to the student’s country of origin.

Transport, arrivals and departures.

Transfers are available to and from the airport / accommodation.


Depending on the student's needs, we offer different accommodation possibilities: university residences, host families, hotels ... all with the maximum guarantee and quality.

Full medical insurance

Required by law for all students.

Spanish bank account

Instituto Educativo Español will teach students about how to open and handle a bank account in Spain.

Extracurricular Activities

Organised field trips, summer camps, visits to museums, theatres, cafés, and typical spots, companies and activities for students.


Instituto Educativo Español offers various options to its students to ensure their full satisfaction during their stay in Spain. If you are interested in studying with us, we offer a number of accommodation plans.

Student residences and Colleges

Firstly, the Instituto Educativo Español has various agreements with student residences. This is first-rate accommodation located both outside the central district and in the city centre - the latter near to Instituto Educativo Español headquarters - a choice of locations to suit student preferences.

We also provide other options in cooperation with colleges to offer boarding accommodation. This has come as a response to the needs of former and future students.

Spanish Families

We can also arrange for students to stay with a Spanish family, allowing them to deepen their immersion and integration experience and have direct contact with the way of life in Spanish homes. Families will also be in charge of the students’ room and board, providing companionship and guidance in their studies, services also provided by the staff.

This type of accommodation includes constant follow-up services to ensure student well-being no matter which accommodation they choose, both directly, and also exploiting the many opportunities offered by new technology. At the Instituto Educativo Español we take special care to provide this assistance, as we want to offer students the best service possible.

Student orientation

This is an additional service for foreign students who, in the first stages of their incorporation into Spanish life in Madrid may require the help of a translator, someone to help them handle paperwork, and/or any other assistance.

This service is also quite important for under-age students and is often requested by their families in order to ensure that their children receive appropriate guidance and assistance at all times. This is provided by a professional who will look after their well-being and ensure their safety while in Spain, especially in the early stages of their stay.


Study Abroad, Exchange, Summer and Winter Programmes with international academic institutions.


For under-age students who request this service themselves or through their families.


This help centre provides integrated assistance to students. This office manages and takes care of any issues that may arise during a student’s process of immersion in the Spanish language and culture.

Medical and full cover insurance

Students from the European Union have a European Health Insurance Card to guarantee medical assistance during their stay in Spain.

For students who do not belong to the EU, Instituto Educativo Español emphasises the importance of taking out medical insurance in their country of origin that will cover illness, hospitalisation or accidents that may arise during their stay in Spain.

At any rate, and as an alternative, the Instituto Educativo Español offers its students the option of taking out medical insurance with a reputable Spanish insurance company.

Transfers and travel to Madrid

Once in the capital of Spain, the means of transport are very varied: Metro (one of the best in Europe), Taxi, Bus, VTC Services...

There are numerous ways of getting to Madrid (train, private vehicle, air, etc.).

Instituto Educativo Español is known for its integrated assistance to students; one of its services includes accompanying the student from the moment they arrive in Spain.

The Instituto Educativo Español offers international students the option of a pick-up service from Madrid airport. This will facilitate student integration into their new life in the Spanish capital and ensure satisfaction with the start of their educational experience with us.

Entering Spanish Territory

  • Citizens of the European Union (EU) enjoy certain privileges allowing them to visit or reside temporarily in Spain. They do not need a permit or a visa. Students that do not belong to the EU must have a valid passport and also apply for a special student visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate of Spain in their country of origin.
  • Once in Spain and during the first month after their arrival here, students must also apply for a student residence permit and Foreigner’s Identity Card. The visa must be for a period greater than 6 months.
  • The citizens of a EU member state who wish to reside in Spain for a period greater than three months must register with the Central Register of Foreign Nationals.