2020 Scholarship Application

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Annually, the Spanish Educational Institute grants partial study grants for students who, lacking sufficient financial means, accredit a high academic level and / or outstanding professional merits to opt for the Studies of their interest. The Directorate for the Study Aid Fund of the Spanish Educational Institute will communicate the award of the same in the established times.

The Spanish Educational Institute is a private institution financed by its teaching activity, the Public Institutions being responsible for granting scholarships or grants of the widest endowment. The corresponding forms, available at www.spainiee.com, must be submitted attaching the requested documentation.


1. Object

1.1. The purpose of this call is to grant Study Aid to foreign students who are interested in learning the Spanish Language in the study programs offered by the Spanish Educational Institute.

2. Beneficiaries

2.1. Foreign students who want to enroll in any of the studies offered by the center may avail of the aid provided for in this call.

3. Endowment of Grants

3.1. The financial endowment of each of them over the total amount of the program (discounted place or enrollment reservation), will be studied individually. The aid is not granted to all applicants, but only until the Fund allocated for this purpose is exhausted.

4. Formalization of requests

4.1. Applications must be submitted or sent by email to Admissions of the Spanish Educational Institute.

 4.2. Documentación a presentar:

a) Application form for Study Aid, duly completed and signed.

 b) Photocopy of the student’s ID or Passport

c) Academic Record.

d) Motivation letter.


e) Declaration of the Income of the family nucleus, or own in case of being independent of the parents. Large family certificate (if applicable), orphanhood or any other relevant information to justify the request.

4.3. Documentación a presentar (para alumnos extranjeros):

4.3. Documentation to present (for foreign students):

a) Application form for Study Aid, duly completed and signed. b) Photocopy of the student’s ID or Passport

c) Academic Record.

d) Motivation letter // Transformer

e) Affidavit of family income

4.3. Documentación a presentar (para alumnos extranjeros):

a) Impreso de solicitud de Ayuda al Estudio debidamente cumplimentado y firmado. b) Fotocopia DNI o Pasaporte del alumno

c) Expediente Académico.

d) Carta de motivación // Transformadora

e) Declaración Jurada de ingresos familiares

4.4. If the documentation provided is incomplete or does not meet the requirements of this resolution, the application will be rejected.

5. Resolution of Grants

5.1. The resolution of the granting of the aid will be made by the Directorate of the Spanish Educational Institute, formed, and will be communicated to the applicant by email, telephone or postal mail.

5.2. The application for aid may be made throughout the year, except in seasons when it will be closed for consideration by the Spanish Educational Institute.

6. Requirements

6.1. Students candidates for aid from the Spanish Educational Institute must be previously admitted to the study programs offered by the Center.

6.2. The evaluation of the applications will be carried out according to the following criteria:

a) Motivation letter

b) Become a member and partner of the Spanish Global Educational Institute card

c) Economic Resources

d) Call date for Scholarship Application

7. Follow-up and justification

7.1. The Spanish Educational Institute may request the beneficiaries of the aid the additional information deemed necessary to justify its adequate use.

7.2. The beneficiaries of the grants will be subject to the follow-up actions carried out by the Spanish Educational Institute.

8. Obligations and Breaches

8.1. The student who benefits from this type of aid agrees to:

– Maintain a satisfactory academic and attendance record for all subjects in the program.

– The student may choose to collaborate in available actions related to the production, management, administration or programming of artistic-academic activities, under the tutelage of any of the internal departments of the Center, thus collaborating with the educational project of the Spanish Educational Institute . The Educativo Español Center departments will periodically inform of the available actions that the student will be able to collaborate with.

8.2. The total or partial non-compliance with the requirements and obligations established in these bases and other applicable rules will lead to the opening of a non-compliance file, the resolution of which may lead to the revocation of the aid granted, without the right to any claim on the part of from the student.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

— These bases are governed by Spanish Law. For all the issues that may arise as a result of this document, the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid will be competent.

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