Extensive Football, Spanish and Official Study Programme

Our language stays take place in cooperation with football schools that combine Spanish or English classes with daily technical football training.

Students will also study as part of the official international baccalaureate programme and/or European and international university degrees.

These long-term programmes combine official studies with Spanish or English language learning programmes as well as amateur and/or professional football training in Spain with high-ranking football clubs.

General information

  • Programme type: long-term stays combined with Spanish and football training.
  • Age: 16 – 24 years.
  • Dates: in September and January of each year (indicative information only).
  • Duration: Minimum of 1 year.
  • Location: Madrid, Gijón
  • Number of lessons per week: 1 to 12


Instituto Educativo Español’s teachers are characterised by their ample teaching experience, each certified by the top official institutions of prestige and rigour in their application of the Educativo Español method, as well as their human touch – always friendly and constant (for both in-person and distance courses), helping each and every student who is part of Instituto Educativo Español’s global community.

Student Aid

To request student aid from Instituto Educativo Español, send your portfolio and CV to the teaching and student orientation team

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Programme description

Our facilities include a student residence with hotel features (private bath and air conditioning), outdoor pool, tennis courts, football pitches, gymnasium, auditorium, playgrounds and gardens.

Our language stays take place in cooperation with football schools that combine Spanish or English classes with daily technical football training.

The Spanish and/or English language classes are given within the sports facilities by certified teachers.

All students will be assigned a tutor or coordinator who will help them assimilate to life in Spain, football training and their official studies as well as their day-to-day life in Madrid.


When I got to know its facilities, location and price offer I did not hesitate, now I have been several months, and I love the classes, the people and especially the teachers! The teaching model is super fun and very rigorous. I’m sure I will reach my goals of speaking Spanish and starting university in a few months …

Discover Madrid

Instituto Educativo Español is located in the cosmopolitan city of Madrid, in the central Calle Alcalá, the cultural, artistic, commercial and entertainment centre of the city, at the cutting-edge of modern city living. Madrid has become one of Europe’s most fashionable cities. The Centro district is the oldest quarter of the Spanish capital.

Most of the capital’s cultural activity and entertainment is located here – a unique setting for the Instituto Educativo Español and its main facilities. This is where students will come to learn about and learn to speak the Spanish language, live and share their experiences and activities with students from other cultures, and above all, to live in one of the most important cities of Europe and the world.


Curso de español de Acceso a la Universidad (CAU)
Jaque Asesores
Madrid Fine Art Journeys

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