Eligibility and Source

Spanish Educational Institute, will keep absolutely confidential information concerning the provenance of the clients and will not pass on any sensible or privileged details pertinent to any student. The tour leaders and students within the group(s) remain property of the sending educational partner and will not be approached directly or at source by Instituto Educativo Español. In the same way we expect the educational partner not to have direct contact with Instituto Educativo Español subsidiaries or suppliers. Booking must include all relevant information or special requirements appertaining to each student, i.e. any medical situation, allergies, special diet, level of Spanish, etc. Students must be in good health and have adequate medical and insurance cover.

Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right in the future to use photographic or audivisual materials, where the student appears as part of promotion and publicity for its programs.

According to the program selected, Instituto Educativo Español will send the specific application form which must be completed and sent back to Instituto Educativo Español in order to confirm the booking. Please, check special conditions for each program:

Instituto Educativo Español special conditions

All our Spanish courses must have a minimum of 3 students. If there are not enough students in a class, before the course starts, students be offered to change class or to move to a One To One course, with the same amount of lesson that students paid for. Those students who start but do not finish their program will not be refunded any amount of the course and of the accommodation fees. On national and local holidays Instituto Educativo Español School will be closed and neither lessons will be recovered nor a refund will be given.

Summer camps special conditions

Upon receipt of the completed application form and full payment, Instituto Educativo Español will confirm the booking to the educational partner. In all summer camps Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right to offer a different date or destination, in case the chosen camp has either no free place left or has not reached the minimum number of students required.

High School program special conditions

Instituto Educativo Español must receive the student’s last three years school reports, school history and valid passport (all officially translated and validated) before Easter Time in order to start the validation and enrollment procedures. Instituto Educativo Español will not care any responsibility if the student enrolled by educational partner cannot prove at least an intermediate level of Spanish. Students must also prove a very good note average in general subject reports. The educational partner will receive the host family profile upon receipt of the full payment of the course. During Christmas Holidays the accommodation is not included, so students may spend their holidays at home and then come back to Spain when school starts again.

Work Experience program special conditions

Instituto Educativo Español will not accept students without at least an intermediate level of Spanish and is not responsible if a student sent by educational partner with a lower level gets fired from the company because of that. Students are asked to carefully fill in the application form and attach their CV and a motivation letter. Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right to place students in a work field according to the companies’ availability and the student prior experiences or studies.

Ilegal Acts and Repatriation

It is illegal in Spain for any person to be involved in the possession, selling or taking drugs, shop-lifting, theft and for any person under the age of 18 years to buy or consume alcoholic beverages. These are offences and in many cases can be punished by terms of imprisonment. Should any student or group leader be found in possession of, selling or taking drugs, shop-lifting, stealing, or be involved in buying, selling or drinking of alcohol, making willful damage or behaving inappropriately, Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right, after consultation with the educational partner, to arrange his immediate repatriation at the client’s personal expense, and without refund of fees.

Payment Terms, Conditions and Cancellations

Upon booking confirmation and receipt of deposit invoice, 15% deposit based in the total program cost and expected number of students is due. Instituto Educativo Español can’y guarantee to maintain the booking request without the deposit payment. The total remaining balance is to be paid 1 month before the arrival of the students to Spain. All payments will have to be done via bank transfer to he account detailed on the invoices. Please note that all bank charges are the responsability of the agent.

Instituto Educativo Español would have the total permission to cancel the programme booked for objetives reasons from the school, refunding the student with the total cost of the course before the beginning of the programme. If the course has already started, It will be returned the remaining money.

Late Payments

Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice to the agent if these agreed conditions are not met. Instituto Educativo Español regrets that under no circumstances will student groups or individual clients be allowed to commence any course if payment remains outstanding or unclear.

Cancellation policy

All cancellations should be communicated inmediately in written form to Instituto Educativo Español. Between deposit payment and 30 days before arrival date, 15% of the total cost will be retained.

Between 30 – 15 days before arrival date, 50% of the total cost will be retained.

Between 15 – 0 days before arrival date, 100% of the total cost will be retained.

Reservations and Exceptions

Instituto Educativo Español reserves the right to make operational changes in dates, locations, services and prices that may become necessary as a result of circumstances beyond the control of Instituto Educativo Español. In these rare circumstances student groups will be given the option of transferring to other similar program/location.

Visa Entry Services

All clients must be in possession of the valid entry documentation prior to leaving their departure point and entering the Spanish territory in order to attend Instituto Educativo Español courses. Instituto Educativo Español cannot admit any client arriving to Spain without the correct documentation (European Union citizens do not need a visa). If any client is returned to the country of origin, the full course fee will apply, together with any additional charges that may be made by the Spanish immigration authorities as a result of this action.

Travel and medical insurance

This should be arranged in accordance with Spanish entry regulations. All clients must hold adequate cover, Instituto Educativo Español cannot accept any liability or responsability for students or tour leaders who are inadequately covered. As an alternative, the insurance can be bought from Instituto Educativo Español.

cesLiability and Complains

Any willful damage cost will be payable by the group leader or student concerned prior to departure from the program destination or against a carefully detailed invoice sent to the agent. Instituto Educativo Español does not accept liability for fatal or other injury or illness of any participant, not for any damage or loss resulting therefore. All complaints or discrepancies must be communicated in written form within an acceptable period of 15 days from the date of the occurrence of the incidence.

Personal Data protection

According to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal datarsonal Data, Instituto Educativo Español SL. informs you that the personal data contained in the participation agreement will be included in a file for commercial and operational purposes, whose owner and responsible is Instituto Educativo Español SL. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions constitutes your consent to perform such treatment, and for its use with those purposes. We also inform you about the possibility of exercising rights of acces, rectification and cancellation as established in the current legislation, at: C/ Velázquez, 16 – 28001 Madrid.