What is the IEE?

Instituto Educativo Español bases its methodology on a learning model that combines conventional teaching parameters with new communication needs, which facilitates and guarantees the process of knowing Spanish.

Learning or perfecting Spanish at Instituto Educativo Español involves full immersion in the language, living and experiencing the culture, art, cuisine, customs, sports and indigenous traditions (Universo 360), either through in-person or distance learning, in virtual or online environments, and with ongoing tutorials or follow-up sessions (365/24).

Quality and official recognition The Spanish Educational Institute is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which means that it complies with the conditions established by the Accreditation System, the only internationally recognized one focused exclusively on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


The Instituto Educativo Español is for people who are interested in a high-quality and results-oriented learning environment and highly-qualified language teachers who love what they do and are committed to this new way of learning Spanish.

What does IEE offer?

The Instituto Educativo Español is a private institution, with an international and global vision. We offer:

Grados oficiales

Educational Center Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes



DELE and Siele Exam

In our Center we prepare students to obtain the DELE and we are the SIELE Examination Center

Cursos pre-universitarios

Different types of courses

Different types of level suitable for each need

Programas Executive

Executive Programmes

For professionals and companies that need to promote Spanish language education for groups, employees or partners

Cursos a la carta

Custom Courses

Taylor Made Spanish Programs

Corporate vision and mission


As part of its strategy, Instituto Educativo Español seeks to promote and help to consolidate Spanish culture and language, as the language holds great potential as a vehicle of communication in the development, well-being and progress of 21st-century citizens.

Institutional Mission

To promote the use of the Spanish language and disseminate knowledge of and contact with Spanish culture, adapting to new demands of education in this sphere.

Academic Mission

We consider students to be at the centre of the educational process; we seek out cutting-edge Spanish language teaching through innovation, entertainment and excellence in education, with our overriding goal being to train future global professionals.

History of IEE

The Instituto Educativo Español emerged from Sheffield Centre, a leading educational centre specialising in professional language learning. The company boasts over 30 years of experience, thousands of students taught, several offices in Spain and abroad, and the largest network of partners in Spain.

Sheffield Centre is an educational company with a difference thanks to its commitment to high-quality education, professional know-how, highly-qualified teachers and student satisfaction.

Upon these pillars, the company set its sights on Spanish language courses in 2015, using the extensive experience it had accumulated in the educational field.

And a new project begins, innovative, disruptive and founded on new technology. In 2019 a new brand was founded: the Instituto Educativo Español.

Our Institute was born as a response to an existing need in the Spanish language teaching model, combining conventional models with the latest technologies applied to Spanish teaching.

It now occupies an educational niche providing services for citizens of the 21st century, accustomed to learning and interacting via new digital technology.

Students are placed at the centre of the learning process, which is designed by them and for them. The aim is for learners to acquire language skills in a different way, a way that is appealing, innovative, and enjoyable, using a wide variety of channels and formats.

Thanks to the Instituto Educativo Español this educational journey beginning more than three decades ago continues; its destination is the consolidation of Spanish as a universal language – an essential component in the future of a globalised, and tightly interconnected planet that is multidimensional, real and virtual.

The Educativo Español method favours access to knowledge via play and gamification, making use of the digital revolution, the synergies that come together under an optimally qualified teaching team bringing together expertise from Sheffield Centre and new styles of learning.

This model is founded upon these three pillars of success, which encompass a learning platform replete with experiences that make it unforgettable, enjoyable and much more effective.

In our courses we use:

  • Dynamic activities and the acquisition of theatre, artistic, cultural, musical, communicative, and oratory skills
  • Constant use of entertaining experiences
  • Incorporation of methods used in business schools, e.g. case studies
  • Our programme is topped off by an optimised use of the digital universe, taking advantage of online training methods, virtual campuses, use of applications, tablets, 24-hour tutorials, etc.
  • Courses adapted to the needs of the students and structured according to the 6 official levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

And all of this takes place in the heart of Madrid - the cultural, artistic and social centre of the city, next to the Puerta de Alcalá and the Retiro Park - an ideal setting where students will be able to feel the pulse of a city, a country and a language today spoken by millions of people.