Super-Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are specially designed and organised for students who are looking for deep immersion in Spanish language and culture.

General information

  • Start of the course: every monday of the year (except holidays)
  • Classes last for 50 minutes
  • Minimum 3 students per class and maximum 10 students
  • Registration fees: €50
  • All levels according to the curriculum plan of the Instituto Cervantes and the CEFR.
  • Schedule of the morning and afternoon. From L-V.
  • Extracurricular activities


Melina Vicén Martín

I studied History of Art but life led me to teach Spanish while living in Italy and I discovered my great passion and vocation, teaching ELE. That is why I trained as a teacher through a master's degree at the University of Alcalá de Henares. During these years I have continued my training by taking different courses from the Instituto Cervantes (preparation for the DELE among others). I have worked in Italy, France and Spain for different institutions (academies, schools, universities, centres accredited by the IC) and with students of different nationalities and ages.

Esperanza Candela Sempere

I have a degree in Hispanic Philology and Textual Interpretation from the RESAD. I combine my teaching work with my artistic side. I have taught several subjects: Language, Literature, Theatre and Spanish for foreigners. I specialised as a Spanish teacher in an intensive course at Cálamo&Crag and started my career in England. For some years now, I have been giving classes for companies and academies in Madrid to students of different ages and nationalities. I continue to train myself by attending seminars and courses on ELE.

Main Office

The Instituto Educativo Español’s headquarters are located in Calle Alcalá, 55 (1º derecha), in Spain’s capital, Madrid. Located in the Centro district, the centre of Madrid’s cultural, artistic, gastronomic and social universe.

It is close to the Puerta de Alcalá, Prado Museum, Plaza de Cibeles, Banco de España and City Hall. It is also next to one of the capital city’s leading business and corporate spaces.

Student Aid

To request student aid from Instituto Educativo Español, send your portfolio and CV to the teaching and student orientation team

Course Contents and Objectives

Adapted to the 6 levels of learning according to the Curricular plan of the Cervantes Institute and the CEFR of the Council of Europe. A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2. More information here.

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Programme Descriptions


20 General Spanish Lessons + 5 Learning Workshops

it is one of the most requested academic programs. It includes 20 weekly sessions where students will deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language, and 5 additional sessions where they will be able to develop their personal communication skills, along with teacher-led workshops.



20 General Spanish Lessons

In general, this is the most popular programme for long-term students. This programme includes 20 weekly sessions to deepen students’ knowledge of the Spanish language.



10 General Spanish Lessons

These are courses for students who have knowledge of Spanish and need to strengthen their level, either for university or professional reasons. The course focuses mainly on the practical question and on the use of real cases.


When I got to know its facilities, location and price offer I did not hesitate, now I have been several months, and I love the classes, the people and especially the teachers! The teaching model is super fun and very rigorous. I’m sure I will reach my goals of speaking Spanish and starting university in a few months …

Prices in Spanish Intensive Courses

DurationFrom 1 to 4 weeksFrom 5 to 12 weeksFrom 12 to 32 weeksFrom 33 weeks
Semi-intensive - 10 Lessons119€109€105€99€
Intensive - 20 Lessons165€159€155€149€
Super-Intensive - 25 Lessons: 20 General Spanish + 5 Skills Lessons and Intensive Workshops195€179€169€159€

Discover Madrid

Instituto Educativo Español is located in the cosmopolitan city of Madrid, in the central Calle Alcalá, the cultural, artistic, commercial and entertainment centre of the city, at the cutting-edge of modern city living. Madrid has become one of Europe’s most fashionable cities. The Centro district is the oldest quarter of the Spanish capital.

Most of the capital’s cultural activity and entertainment is located here – a unique setting for the Instituto Educativo Español and its main facilities. This is where students will come to learn about and learn to speak the Spanish language, live and share their experiences and activities with students from other cultures, and above all, to live in one of the most important cities of Europe and the world.


Curso de español de Acceso a la Universidad (CAU)
Jaque Asesores
Madrid Fine Art Journeys

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