A wide range of possibilities

Disfruta de todo lo que Madrid te ofrece. Una ciudad de cultura.

Enjoy all that Madrid has to offer. A city of culture.

One of the things that surprises you the most when you get back to Madrid is its cultural offer.

Madrid is a very big fan. Each piece of it gives oxygen, a breath of air to each viewer, reader and / or audience that approaches it. So you have to take advantage of this opportunity.

The first thing that can attract attention is the theater. Proposals of all formats and genres. Musical winners on the Gran Vía, the best authors at the Spanish Theater, stand-up comedy at Chocita del loro, micro-theaters, improvisations, café theaters and a long list of stories to tell on stage. You will be closer or farther from the actors but what you will surely notice will be the proximity of the performing arts.

And if what you really like is music you can find from a Mozart opera to massive concerts your favorite artist or even walking you can recognize those Bob Dylan chords played by a street musician in the blue line of the Meter. Jazz, electronic, rap or flamenco. Everything has a place, without prejudice, without limits, for everyone. Each neighborhood has a rhythm.

But there is not only room for music lovers, every weekend sports take the avenues of the capital. There are sports palaces where we have obtained gold medals, tennis courts where the points of the Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal, have raised the public, even in the neighborhoods there is always a soccer field where friends and colleagues play for fun. You sign up?

You can also discover that it is not the same to see Las Meninas in a photograph than in the Prado Museum itself. Because you are in a city where the most universal art coexists with the most contemporary avant-gardes. There are spaces of all kinds, from museums of natural history, naval, wax, aeronautics and an endless number of them where you can enter new experiences.

You can even go into the Sabatini gardens or stroll among the railroad tracks of the time in the Motor Market. All while enjoying artisan products while having an aperitif. This tour will be unique, personal. You will feel the city as yours.

All of them are experiences, experiences that offer you memories, reflections and oxygen.

An immense range of possibilities that is within your reach.


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